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Kolsai &Kayindy lakes / Charyn canyon (bundle)

All of these popular tourist destinations are located in one area so it makes perfect sense to bundle them together.

Day 1

7am - departure.
10am - Arrival to Charyn canyon. Easy hiking, panoramic views, photo shootings.

Car trip (2 hrs) to Kaindy lake.

Night in a guesthouse in Saty village (or in tents near the lake).

Day 2

Kolsai lakes. Car trip to the first lake. Hiking to the 2nd lake (450 meters elevation). Horse riding to the 2nd lake is also available for extra charge (apprx $40 per ride). Trout fishing upon beforehand request.

Fee: T200.000 (1-3 persons). T250.000 (4-5 persons).
A cheaper option of hiring only driver (elementary English) is also available. Please contact for availability.

Possible accommodation in yourts and guesthouses in Saty village (not included). Fee/person/night - apprx $20.

Season: all year round.

IMPORTANT!!! The lakes area is interstate borderline so bring your valid IDs (subject to probable examination by military authorities).
Charyn canyon
Kolsai lakes
Charyn canyon
Kolsai lakes
Kayindy lake
Trout fishing in Kolsai lakes
Kolsai lakes
Trout fishing in Kolsai lakes
Kolsai lakes
Charyn canyon
Charyn canyon
Charyn canyon
Charyn canyon
Trail profile Kolsai 1 - Kolsai 2
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