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Micro Almaty around-the-world
aka "Shashlyk hiking"


Honestly, I'm using food images to get you all into my customer base. It's low, I know.

That is the trail well known as the Micro Almaty around-the-world aka shashlyk-hiking. It is the best way to get from the Small Almaty gorge to the Big Almaty gorge. The route starts from Prosveshenets (Medeo area), then having stop at the Kok-Zhailau plateau and finally reaching Alma-Arasan (shashlyk street). And there we gonna have our evening meal (look at the image again please).

Transportation to/back– taxi (or van hire for the group).
Preliminary schedule – start at 10AM from Kazakhstan hotel bus stop. 1-hour stop at Kok-Zhailau. Reaching Alma-Arasan at 5-6PM. Bus/taxi available there.

Food and beverages: not served for this hiking, bring your own snacks. Leave some room for the main course!

Fee: T30.000 for a group of 1-3 persons. Meals not included. Please have some extra cash on you.
Profile of the route.
Distance: 14 km.
Duration (apprx): 6-8 hours (with 1-hour stop at Kok-Zhailau).
Elevation gain/loss: 665/-967 m.
Difficulty: easy if think of shashlik coming.
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