Big Almaty lake / Shymbulak

Ideal option for quick single-day introduction to most popular mountain attractions of Almaty in both main gorges!

Easy kids-friendly hiking upon request.

1) The pearl of Almaty, the Big Almaty mountain lake. Located at the 2500 masl and surrounded by mountain walls, it waterfeeds significant part of the city. Due to the closed road there’s no direct car connection to the lake so we’ll have to hike 16km roundtrip (1000 meters elevation gain), shortcuts possible. Early departure. Best view: Sept-Oct.
IMPORTANT!!! The area is interstate borderline so bring your valid IDs (subject to examination by border patrol).

2) Shymbulak is the main ski resort in the area. Tram takes tourists up to the highest point of the resort – Big Talgar pass (3200masl). Tour also covers all the Medeo area (dam/skating rink) from the bird’s eye view.
Possible hiking to the most accessible glacier (Bogdanovich) near Almaty (2-3 hours).
Cableway is not included (apprx $10 per person to the Talgar Pass and back).

WARNING: implies fast car/tram ascent and may cause slight mountain sickness. Not recommended for preconditioned people and recently arrived (not yet acclimatized in the area). Though no one ever in our practice got affected on this altitude.

Fee: $200 (1-3 people), $300 (4-6 people).