Bogdanovich glacier

Hiking to the most accessible glacier near Almaty. Also covers all the Medeo (dam/skating rink) and Shymbulak areas from the bird’s eye vie.
Upon reaching Big Talgar pass (3200masl) by tram it takes 1-2 hours to get close to that monumental thing.
Fee per person: $100/1 person, $75/2, $60/3, and so on. Cableway is not included (approx $10 per person to the Talgar Pass).

This tour is ice-gear free so we’re not gonna climb the glacier itself (if you want some crampon walks, there are other options). No descents to the Oktyabrskaya cavern.

WARNING: implies fast ascent (car and tram) by more than 2200 meters and may cause mountain sickness. Not recommended for preconditioned people and recently arrived (not yet acclimatized in the area). Though no one ever in our practice got affected a this altitude.


Profile of the route

Distance: 5 km (roundtrip)
Duration (apprx): 2-4 hours
Elevation gain: 310m
Difficulty: easy

Photos of the route

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