Panorama peak

One of the most popular weekend hikes – the Panorama Peak (3260masl) up the Kimasar gorge (Medeo area). From the peak you will be able to see panoramic views of the whole area, including Talgar peak – the highest point of Zailiysky Alatau.
Kimasar gorge is considered as one of the easily-accessed walking ranges near Almaty and proved itself as an avalanche-free route. Mild gradient makes it super-friendly even for beginners and kids. For serious workout continue by the ridge to the Furmanovka peak (and further to Panorama).

Food and beverages: not served for this hiking, bring your own snacks.

Fee: $130 (group of 1-3 people).

Profile of the route

Distance: 14,2 km (roundtrip)
Duration (apprx): 6-8 hours
Elevation gain: 1492 m
Difficulty: medium