Tourist Peak (3954m)

The tour is to be confirmed. Road block is still on.

Includes Big Almaty Lake.

Ascent category 1A (easy).

Car trip and hiking to the Tourist peak – maybe the most accessible 4000 ascent in the area thanks to possible transportation up to the Космостанция (Tyan-Shan astronomic observatory) on the Zhusaly-Kezen’ Pass (3336m). So we just gotta climb these 600 (elevation gain) meters to get to the summit.

WARNING: implies fast car ascent by more than 2300 meters and may cause mountain sickness. Not recommended for preconditioned people and recently arrived (not yet acclimatized in the area). Though no one ever in our practice got affected at this altitude. Another option is gradual ascent combining both hiking and car with short stop at the lake.

IMPORTANT!!! The area is interstate borderline so bring your valid IDs (subject to examination by border patrol).

Fee: $260 (1-3 people). Extended hike from the lake is available (+8km / 850m gain) +$100.

Possible to bundle together with Big Almaty peak (Cosmo-station bundle).

Profile of the route (image attached)

Transport to the drop point and back to city: 3 hours.
Duration (apprx): 4-6 hours (roundtrip) excl. time on the peak (1h) and on the lake (1h)
Elevation gain: 590 m
Difficulty: medium