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This is the joint open calendar for tourists and guides where you can effectively create a tour (or join in case you’re solo traveler or looking for someone to split the costs)Or simply contact us. We’ll do all the work hassle-free.

[Some settings  are only available from desktop version (not from mobile gadgets)]

To create a joinable tour, go to your Google Calendar account and create an event. Invite your friends (tourists) by entering their emails in the [guests] field. Don’t forget to leave your actual contacts, number of tourists, desired tour and other relevant details. Then click on your event – window pops-up – choose [options] – choose [change owner] to Once approved your event will be visible to everyone. 

To join an existing group simply contact an event author.

Make sure to add to the field [add a friend’s calendar] to see all other events coming.

The bigger a group – the cheaper it will be per person!

Disclaimer/ this website serves strictly as an intermediate and does not accept any responsibilities from damages should they follow. Use it at your own discretion. Guides are strongly recommended to provide their ID to the tourists beforehand to keep everybody aware of the person in charge.