beta/ Book online or find a group to join

Thatis the joint open calendar where you can effectively book or join a tour in case you’re solo traveler or looking for someone to split the costsOr simply contact us. We’ll do all the work hassle-free.

Some settings  are only available from desktop version (not from mobile gadgets).

To book a joinable tour, go to your Google Calendar account and create an event. Invite your friends by entering their emails in the [guests] field. Don’t forget to leave your actual contacts, number of tourists, desired tour and other relevant details. Then click on your event – window pops-up – choose [options] – choose [change owner] to Once approved your event will be visible to everyone. 

To join an existing group simply contact us or directly an event author.

Make sure to add to the field [add a friend’s calendar] to see all other events coming.

The bigger a group – the cheaper it will be per person!