Cosmo-station bundle (two days, two ascents)

Ascent category 1A (easy). Perfect for mountaineers familiar with the altitude. All-year round, avalanche-safe area.

Day 1. 10am Ride to the roadblock (1h). Then another 40 minutes by taxi to the Cosmostation (Zhusaly Kezen’ Pass). Short stop at Big Almaty Lake. 

Short lunch stop at the guesthouse. Easy hike to the Big Almaty peak (optional) – the perfect triangle-shaped mountain visible from each corner of the city. It dominates the skyline with the height of 3682 meters and serves as solid vantage point covering whole the area north to Zailisky Alatau.

Night in the guesthouse (spartan style warm shelter, bunk beds, freezer, outhouse). 

Day 2. Ascent to Tourist peak (3954masl). We gotta climb these 600 (elevation gain) meters to get to the summit and enjoy the view. Taxi pickup from the guesthouse and ride back to the roadblock.

IMPORTANT!!! The area is interstate borderline so bring your valid IDs (subject to examination by border patrol).

Fee: $400 (1 person), $500 (2 people) + $100 for each plus one. All included, except taxi shuttles. Due to closed roads fares vary a lot, usually $100-130.

Harder, longer extensions possible for smooth acclimatization – from the lake or roadblock. Extra charge.

Profile of the route (Tourist)

Transport to the drop point and back to city: 2 hours.
Difficulty: medium/hard