Golden ring of Zhetysu (bundle)

All popular tourist destinations of Almaty region bundled together in great outdoors adventure. Altyn Emel National preserve, 4 canyons, Kolsai/Kayindy lakes. Flexible extendable schedule, (only tents / only guesthouses) option available. Driving distance over 1000 km.

1st day
Departure at 7am. Coffee stop outside the city.
4 hrs ride to Katytau mountains. 30 min to Aktau mountains – short hike (1hr) to the panoramic spot, dinner and overnight (tents). Optional stay in a guesthouse during hot months (Baschy village).

2nd day
2 hr ride to Singing dune, hike.
Long 4hrs transfer to Charyn canyon with lunch stop in Chundzha for some authentic uyghur cousine. Easy circuit walk in Charyn. Panoramic spot of Moon canyon. Overnight at Temirlik canyon near the river (tents). 

3rd day. 
Short walk in Temirlik. Ride to Bestamak canyon (lunch near Charyn river). Two hours ride to Kayindy lake. Accommodation in comfortable (indoor hot shower/restroom, wifi, around $40 per person) family-run guesthouses in Saty village with home-made food (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Higher standards hotels (up to $200) are present in the area (info). 

4th day. Ride to the first Kolsai lake (20 min). Hike to the second lake (6,5 km one-way, 600 meters elevation). Grab some sandals for river crossing.

Back to Almaty around 10pm (5 hrs driving time).

Fee: $1300 (1-3 people), $1700 (4-6 people).

Season: Apr-Oct. Optional return via plateau Assy during summer months (+1 overnight in tents). 

What’s included

IMPORTANT!!! The lakes area is interstate borderline so bring your valid IDs (subject to examination by border patrol).