Upper Turgen' lakes

Summer only! 
5 days trekking to the moraine and sphagnum lakes of Turgen highlands where you can wander for weeks without meeting a single soul. This hard-to-reach marshy area is covered by soft moss that can store huge amounts of water and feeds these unique sphagnum lakes – each of a different shade of blue and green.

Almaty – Batan village (2 hrs ride)
Trekking route: Batan – Turgen valley – glacier of Mountain Institute – Chon-Turgen plateau – moraine lakes – 4 sphagnum lakes of Turgen – Temirtas river – Ojkaragay meadow – Kayraksky waterfall – Turgen valley – Batan.

The route is flexible and could be shortened to 4- and 3-days trekkings. 

Fee: full route $1200 (group of 1-2 people) + $200 for each plus one. Be ready to carry a proportionate part of a load (porter services are available).

What’s included

Season: June – Oct.

Profile of the full route

Distance: 54 km
Elevation gain/loss: 2800m
Difficulty: medium/hard

Shortcut (4 days) on the way back is available (without camping #3).
Distance: 45 km
Difficulty: medium